SoHo Rep – Public Obscenities

Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, Associate Director/Dramaturg

June 22, 2021

Collaboration with Misha Chowdhury, who is the playwright and director of this bilingual play (in progress), “Public Obscenities” with many other creative minds. Link to Public Obscenities page on SoHo Rep.

SoHo Rep


New York Times

Excerpt from the website: Soho Rep and the National Asian American Theater Company have also commissioned another inaugural Project Number One artist, (website), to finish his bilingual play “Public Obscenities,” in Bengali and English. Read More.

Broadway World

Excerpt from the website: Chowdhury shares an excerpt of his play-in-progress, Public Obscenities, and participates in a virtual conversation via Zoom. As Chowdhury told NYFA, “This year, with the gift of time Soho Rep’s given me, I’m writing a play that’s been brewing in me for over a decade. It’s a bilingual play, called Public Obscenities, in Bengali and English, inspired by a dream my uncle once had. In the dream, he was in a movie theatre. And he described the movie to me in meticulous detail. And then he said: ‘you’re the artist, go make it’.” Check out an excerpt of the play here. Read More.