August 13 and 19, 2023.
Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto.
Written – Minita Gandhi.
Directed – Kirsten Brandt.
Dramaturg – Sukanya Chakrabarti.

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Jyoti, a recent widow with ailing health, finds the future of her well-being in her daughters’ hands. A multigenerational and multicultural journey that explores the love language of food, Nerve asks what our legacy is and that we truly leave behind. What is our value in the world when we are no longer of service to people? And what are the benefits and consequences of living in a society that praises the idea of a nuclear family vs. a joint family? This dark comedy is meant to be an aromatic and visceral experience. In a fully staged production, recipes would be shared and cooked on stage, as well as served to the audience.