Kalikata to Calcutta to Kolkata to London: In Between a Colonial Past and a “Glocal” Present – The Right to the Creative City Colloquy Stanford Arcade, January 2022 In 2002, Richard Florida, an urban studies scholar then at Carnegie Mellon University, published The Rise of the Creative Class, which became a surprise best-seller. In 2005, he followed that book with what he called a “prequel,” Cities and the Creative Class. Florida’s key insight in both works was that “creative” people were transforming not only the economy, but also cities themselves.…

ATHE 2021

Transnational and Transmediated Asian Theater and Performance: Remembered, Reimagined, and Reclaimed Presenter, August 5-8, 2021 Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti of San Francisco State University presents her paper ‘In Between Worlds: Zoom-ing into ‘Folk’ Performances Amidst a Global Pandemic’ ATHE 2021 Program Details ATHE 2021 Website

SoHo Rep – Public Obscenities

Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, Associate Director/Dramaturg June 22, 2021 Collaboration with Misha Chowdhury, who is the playwright and director of this bilingual play (in progress), “Public Obscenities” with many other creative minds. Link to Public Obscenities page on SoHo Rep. SoHo Rep Media New York Times Excerpt from the website: Soho Rep and the National Asian American Theater Company have also commissioned another inaugural Project Number One artist, (website), to finish his bilingual play “Public Obscenities,” in Bengali and English. Read More. Broadway World Excerpt from the website: Chowdhury shares an…

Tell me your Story – Stories of Indian Diaspora

Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti in conversation with Ilhana Katoch, as part of STORIES OF THE INDIAN DIASPORA series. Curated under TMYS Review June, 2021 View the full Video Interview Excerpt from TMYS website – Tell me your Story (TMYS) works towards popularising stories from academic research and social significance in collaboration with global thought leaders. We operate through story projects, collaborative research and storytelling workshops for individuals/corporate. Link to TMYS page.

Affordable Education Grant 2020

Recipient of the Affordable Education Grant 2020. View the AIM Faculty Experience Interview. The Affordable Learning community at San Francisco State University is a collaborative effort between the Center for Equity & Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL), Disability Programs Resource Center (DPRC), J. Paul Leonard Library and the SF State Bookstore; it aims to create a more equitable and inclusive classroom. View details.

Imagining Home Exhibit

Faculty Curator and Organizer April 16, 2021 SF State Creative Arts Affinity Group with support from the LCA Extraordinary Ideas Grant presents Imagining Home. (Home Page)… San Francisco State University Hosts Interdisciplinary Student Arts Exhibit Imagining Home SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 16, 2021 — On April 16, 2021, San Francisco State University launched the interdisciplinary student arts exhibit Imagining Home—a showcase of thoughtful and timely undergraduate and graduate student stories of home. The Creative Arts Affinity Group, a team of six SF State faculty members across five different university departments, first…

Marcus Early Career Research Award

Recipient of the Marcus Early Career Research Award, 2021 February 15, 2021 In its second year, the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Marcus Early Career Research Award will help five faculty members complete their book and film projects that explore social-justice issues in the U.S. and abroad. The award, supported by the George and Judy Marcus Funds for Excellence in the Liberal Arts, provides a one-semester leave in 2021 – 2022. It funds projects in research, scholarship and creative activities. Probationary tenure-track faculty in their third, fourth or fifth…

No Make-Up

October 10 and 11, 2020. Online Zoom Performance The show has been produced by Cloud Playhouse Script – Sukanya Chakrabarti Direction – Ranjita Chakravarty SoundCloud Audio Recording of No Makeup Every poison has an antidote. What about domestic abuse? From the Event page (link)… Watch our play “No Make-up” on Saturday, Oct 10 or Sunday, Oct 11 at 7pm PT to find out more.

Dealing Dreams

October 3, 2020. Online Zoom Performance The show has been produced by EnActe Arts Stage Play Reading Direction- Sukanya Chakrabarti Play – Jeffrey Lo Two millennials must make moral compromises to succeed in the Silicon Valley grind. From the Event page (link)… Intelligent go-getters Zoe and Trey are striving to keep their heads afloat in today’s economy. They’ve graduated from elite schools only to face unemployment and chances at low-paying “McJobs”. They’re underqualified for jobs they want, overqualified for jobs they don’t want. Then Trey comes up with a striking…