A Nice Indian Boy

Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, Director

March 11-18, 2022

Written by by Madhuri Shekar and Directed by Sukanya Chakrabarti

Location: Creative Arts Building, The Lab

Sponsor: School of Theatre and Dance – Link to Events Page on SFSU.


India Currents

Our production of A Nice Indian Boy made it into India Currents. Read this great interview with Sukanya Chakrabarti who directed this queered romantic comedy with an essence of Bollywood (article).

SF Arts

Naveen Gavaskar just wants a traditional Indian marriage to a nice Indian boy. While his parents are trying to wrap their heads around this strange idea, his older sister returns home and drops a bombshell of her own. A comedy about love and marriage today–gay or straight, arranged or not. Written by Madhuri Shekar and directed by Sukanya Chakrabarti (webpage).

Broadway World SF

Set in Silicon Valley, A Nice Indian Boy navigates the cultural and emotional divide between a pair of first-generation siblings, and their more conventionally-minded parents. Exploring themes of inter-racial and queer relationships, family dynamics, and personal identity, A Nice Indian Boy offers a tender but humorous look at a thoroughly modern romance struggling to define itself through a traditional lens. Directed by Sukanya Chakrabarti. (webpage).

Production Photos by Claire Rice